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Despite recent advances in dentistry, millions of people suffer from loss of teeth, mostly due to tooth decay, gum disease, or neglected injury. For many years, the only available treatment options for people who lost their teeth were bridges and dentures. Still, today dental implants are an ideal solution to replace lost teeth for a lifetime, and we see patients always prefer dental implants in Turkey, so how is the dental implant process in Turkey? And when is the right treatment for you?

What is the process of dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implants in Turkey are surgically performed by placing screw-like implants made of titanium and placed directly in the jawbone to replace the root of the missing tooth. The color and shape of natural teeth leave a permanent solution and a natural-looking smile.

How is the dental implant process done in Turkey?

The first step in the dental implant process in Turkey is to develop an individual treatment plan that meets the special needs of each case and is prepared by a team of experienced doctors from Dentaroyal specialized in oral surgery and restorative dentistry to obtain the best and most appropriate treatment.

  • The gums are opened through surgery and the metal implant is placed at the root of the tooth, which is remote support made of titanium and installed in the bony cavity of the missing tooth.
  • After the jaw bone and the wound in the gums have healed, the doctor will ensure that the implant is fully and completely fixed in its correct place. The healing process may take from six to 12 weeks, and during this period a temporary crown can be placed until the completion of the healing process.
  • Finally, after permanently fixing the implant to the jaw bone, the doctor installs the new tooth (crown) on the abutment, which lasts for life.

 What are the advantages of dental implants in Turkey?

There are many advantages of dental implants in Turkey that make them a preferred place for treatment for many patients, including

  • Get a perfect and lasting smile.
  • The appearance of dental implants looks exactly like natural teeth.
  • They last a lifetime because they are designed to fuse with the bone.
  • Improvement of speech.
  • Dental implants do not slip, unlike dentures, which give comfort in speaking and eating without any worries.
  • All kinds of foods can be eaten because they are firm and durable like natural teeth.
  • It gives a sense of confidence with a permanent brightening smile.
  • Improving oral health in the long term because it ends the problems that usually occur with dental bridges.
  • It lasts a lifetime because implants are very durable and only need good care to last a lifetime with a bright and perfect look.


Recently, Hollywood smile in Turkey has become one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dental treatment because it gives a radical transformation to your smile, regardless of the degree of dental problems, and usually, the color of our teeth is bone color, which is a natural degree that is not bright, but nowadays, because the white tooth has become a symbol for beauty, it is a preferred method for many people to lighten the color of the teeth and get a bright and perfect smile.

What is the Hollywood smile in Turkey?

A Hollywood smile in Turkey is a complete artificial reconstruction of the upper and lower jaw by using both crowns and veneers or even implants in case of missing teeth. The procedure involves placing dental crowns on all teeth or at least on all visible teeth in both jaws including premolars. The term Hollywood comes from the movie having the same name and is used to evoke the bright white teeth of Hollywood celebrities, The white color comes in different shades depending on a grade from 1 to 4. 1 grade refers to the brightest white color, and the 4th grade to the least brightening one. In most everyday situations it is very hard to distinguish between the four shades, which are only visible against very bright light or when a person is smiling really wide, on the other hand, patients who want to keep the natural color of their teeth may go forward the standard colors A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, and B3. But this is not considered a Hollywood smile because the term Hollywood smile in Turkey means pure white.

How is a Hollywood smile performed in Turkey?

Before starting smile aesthetics procedures, the structure of the mouth and gums is examined for the first time by the dentist to diagnose the condition, and to consider the person’s desires to choose the necessary procedures and start treatment, as there are many treatments used for a Hollywood smile, and among the most important treatments covered by the Hollywood smile procedure in Turkey are the following:

  •    porcelain treatments
  •    Orthodontic treatments
  •    Combination therapies
  •    Periodontal treatment
  •    Teeth whitening
  •    Full ceramic coatings
  •    Implant therapy
  •    Crowns zirconium;
  •    Lip filler

Of course, before starting the treatment, detailed examinations of the mouth and jaw are carried out supported by x-rays, as the implementation after conducting accurate analyzes based on digital measurements that give more guaranteed and effective results and the most beautiful thing is that the patient can see the result that he will get digitally, and after the patient’s approval, the procedure begins. In this way, the person knows in advance what kind of smile he will get.

What are the types of Hollywood smile in Turkey:

Hollywood smile in Turkey using veneers

A Hollywood smile can be performed in Turkey using veneers, which is the simplest procedure for a Hollywood smile. The procedure is done when the patient’s teeth are generally stained with pigmentation that can not be treated by teeth whitening, or in the case of teeth that have partly been lost or have fillings and some small damages. Patients often ask to perform a Hollywood smile in Turkey using veneers more than asking for other procedures, but in reality, it is only the condition of the teeth that determines the type of procedure suitable for it. If the teeth are not healthy enough or insufficient in number to perform a Hollywood smile using veneers, dental implants will resort instead to zirconium crowns. The basic condition is that all teeth and molars are present and do not need braces either. If there is a need for braces first, we recommend braces treatment before having a Hollywood smile in Turkey. 

Hollywood smile in Turkey using crowns and bridges

In Hollywood smile procedures in Turkey, we find that the most common case is a Hollywood smile by placing crowns and bridges on natural teeth, which have a medium level of complexity between the use of simple veneers or the use of implants with dental crowns through implants, and a Hollywood smile is performed using crowns when the patient has at least half of his teeth in a healthy condition and the other half has a healthy root and enough quantity to be attached to crowns in a place where there are one or two missing teeth, the bridge may be placed without major complications, but if there are more missing teeth then we have to insert implants and perform dental implants with zirconium crowns.

Hollywood smile in Turkey using dental implants:

In many cases, Hollywood smile in Turkey depends on the use of implants, i.e. dental implants, because most patients do not have a sufficient number of teeth, and if the teeth do not tolerate scales, crowns, and bridges or are completely lost, dental implants must first be used to replace the missing teeth, first, the roots are pulled out and all are extracted and then dental implants are performed with zirconium crowns in a bright color and scales with the same degree as the remaining teeth to give a bright and proportional smile.

Choosing the right implants and crowns

Depending on the situation of the case, which involves the condition of the jaw bones and the location of the sinuses and nerves, our doctors at Dentaroyal offer several options to be chosen regarding the type of implants and crowns, where the doctor will help you to choose the best option, in most cases, the patient chooses between two brands, Either that represents a medium-range quality or high quality, and of course, the decision is not based on the type only, as the assessment of the patient’s condition is very important from the location of the implants, their number, the vitality of the bone and gum tissue around the implants, and the type of suitable abutment is also important because the gum tissue around the abutment is the barrier The main antibacterial, and the quality of the stents is greatly improved by choosing good brands. 

Hollywood smile features in Turkey

  •    Achieving the best perfect smile for the face.
  •    Achieving consistent teeth with a uniform and bright color.
  •    Fill in the spaces between the teeth.
  •    Feeling very confident as you really feel like a star with a Hollywood smile in Turkey.


In light of the wide innovations that have taken place in dentistry, we find that zirconium crowns in Turkey are classified as one of the best dental treatments in Turkey because their results are long-term, and it suits a large number of people without the usual side effects of dental crowns. When it is performed in the right way by expert doctors, the zirconium crown in Turkey can improve overall oral health and give you a bright smile, and it will also be a source of feeling more confident after the procedure.

What is zirconium?

Zirconium is a solid white ceramic glass, and it is one of several materials that combine the strength of metal with the aesthetic appeal that resembles the teeth of porcelain, but it is distinguished from porcelain and metal by several additional advantages.

Zirconium crowns in Turkey

A crown is a form of treatment intended for dental restoration, which covers the entire tooth and is usually fixed on the tooth with dental cement. It is usually placed to enhance the strength of the teeth or their general appearance. There are many materials available for making dental crowns, including available materials, porcelain, resin, and ceramics, but zirconium crowns in Turkey are the most common and preferred one due to their many advantages and longer durability compared to other dental crowns.

Features of zirconium crown in Turkey

many features make zirconium crowns in Turkey preferable to other types of dental crowns, including:

  1. Zirconium is biocompatible with the body’s cells, so there are no risks of any allergic or adverse reactions. Zirconium is now widely used in general surgery and not just in dentistry.
  2. The smooth surface of zirconium crowns in Turkey helps to reduce plaque buildup on the teeth.
  3. Zirconium crowns in Turkey are suitable for patients who suffer from metal allergies or who prefer metal-free restorations.
  4. Zirconium crowns in Turkey are free of metals and thus do not form black lines on the edge of the gums, which is a very disturbing appearance, especially in the front teeth.
  5. The translucent nature of zirconium can transmit the color of adjacent teeth, and it is manufactured in a variety of shades, making it easy to accurately match the color of a patient’s natural teeth.
  6. Zirconium is the most durable homogeneous ceramic. It is a ceramic made without additives. When compared to glass ceramics, zirconium is more resistant to cleavage and more solid.
  7. Zirconium crowns in Turkey cannot crack or break at the sides or bottom of the crown like other types of crowns.
  8. Zirconium crowns in Turkey have a great ability to withstand all kinds of foods without compromising the safety of your smile.


Laminate veneers in Turkey are considered one of the modern techniques in cosmetic dental treatment to obtain a perfect smile for patients who want to address all their cosmetic concerns at once. Instead of choosing multiple treatments to address each specific problem, That’s why may take several years and countless procedures, the process of installing veneers Laminate veneers in Turkey is an easy and simple procedure that gives a bright smile in a short period of time without causing damage to the teeth

What are laminate veneers in Turkey?

laminate veneers in Turkey are very thin white veneers made of ceramic that are placed on the teeth after taking impressions of the teeth and designing them in the required size, with a thickness ranging from 0.2 to 0.3 mm. It is also stain resistant, and mimics the color and texture of actual enamel, making it extremely natural.

How are laminate veneers performed in Turkey?

Laminate veneers in Turkey is an easy and quick procedure since there is no need to drill the tooth or other procedures before installing the laminate veneers, the process is much faster than famous restoration operations such as dental implants, for example, and it is less painful, which is why patients prefer it, and the treatment can be completed within two or three sessions as follows:

  •  At the first appointment, the doctor chooses a color for the scales that suits the patient’s desire and needs, after which an X-ray image is taken, dental impressions are taken, and then sent to the laboratory to make scales of a suitable size for the teeth.
  •  After a few weeks, in the second visit, the doctor prepares the tooth for the installation of laminate veneers, and often the tooth does not cool, and the enamel layer in the natural teeth is not affected except in some cases that may require some procedures before installing laminate veneers in Turkey.
  •  In the third visit, the dentist installs Laminate veneers permanently and sticks them to the teeth with a material that makes them completely stable, after making sure that they are completely suitable for the condition. 

What are the cases suitable for the treatment of laminate veneers?

  •    Crooked teeth treatment
  •    Fill gaps or fractures between teeth
  •    Cover minor tooth damage
  •    Giving a suitable size for small teeth
  •    Treat yellow teeth that are not treated with teeth whitening
  •    Hide dark spots in the teeth
  •    Treating uneven or worn edges of teeth
  •    Restoration of fractures or cracks in the teeth 

Advantages of laminate veneers in Turkey

  • It has a natural and attractive appearance: Laminate veneers in Turkey can give a bright and natural smile at the same time, as they are very thin scales and high transparency, giving the perfect appearance to the teeth. 
  • High durability and hardness: Although the material used in laminate veneers in Turkey is very thin, its resistance is also high because it is completely attached to the enamel, so there is no possibility of breaking or falling.
  • Does not change the color over time: Laminate veneers in Turkey maintain their bright whiteness for a long time, That is why they are the most suitable alternative for teeth whitening or dentures.
  • Last for a long time: Laminate veneers in Turkey have been proven to last up to 20 years.
  • Does not contain metal: It is a metal-free shell that does not leave a metallic taste in the mouth and does not cause any allergic reactions for patients with metal allergies, as it is completely safe.
  •  Does not cause erosion in the teeth: The process of installing laminate veneers in Turkey does not affect the teeth if the teeth are consistent and do not need previous procedures such as orthodontics. In this case, laminate veneers are installed without removing any layer of enamel or filing and affecting the natural teeth.
  • Does not cause any pain: Laminate is installed in Turkey without the use of anesthesia or dental carving, as it is a very simple procedure that gives a perfect smile without any pain.
  • Risk-free operation:  There is no possibility of failure or complications occurring during or after the installation of laminate veneers in Turkey, as it is an easy and safe procedure.
  • Fast and practical treatment: Many patients prefer to get the desired smile in a short time, and this is why laminate veneers in Turkey are their favorite because it is a quick procedure that requires only two or three visits to the doctor and its procedures are simple.
  • The scales can be removed easily: In the case the patient desire to remove the laminate veneers after their installation, the doctor can remove them in one session without affecting the natural teeth at all.

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